Single & Multi Enterprise Accounts System

(i) Firms

Firms, Offices, Branches associated with Incomes, Expenses, Receipts and Payments etc


(iii) Income, Expenses A/c

Incomes, Expenses, Receipt, Payment, Services A/c


(ii) Capital, Bank A/c

New A/cs in Capital, Bank, other Assets, Liabilities etc

(iv) Cash Book

Cash Book/Day Book using Single Entry System, Journal using Double Entry System.

(v) Ledger

Auto Ledger creation from Cash Book/Journal for the Firm for a Branch

(vii) Trading A/c

Trading A/c Creation for Trading Firms

(vi) Trial Balances

Trail Balances Statement for the Firm for a Branch

(viii) Profit/ Loss A/c

Prift/Loss A/c generation over Trading Balance and Indirect Incomes/Expenses

(ix) Income/ Expenses Statement

Income/Expense A/c generation for Non-Trading firms from Indirect Incomes/Expenses

(xi) Print & Mail

Have Printout of the Statements/Reports, or Mail it to desired Recipients

(x) Balance Sheet

Prepation of Balance Sheet for showing Finacial Position of the Firm at the end of Fin Year.

(xii) Daily Report

Receipt/Payments, Incomes/Expenses, Daily Transactions Reports Etc.