Billing Software & Stock Managemnt System

(i) Billing

[Retail/Wholesale], Estimates

(iii) Stock position

Stock position on any day. Stock accuracy up to remaining Piece/Gm. Stock-in as Free, Free Report.

(ii) Stock Management

Opening Stock, Purchases, Sales, Sales/Purchases Returns & Stock Management

(iv) Stock Transfer

Stock Transfer & Receipt to and from different Stock locations such as Store & Multiple Sale Outlets etc.

(v) Re-order Level

Taxes Report, Re-order Level alert, Discount Sales etc

(vii) Multi-user

Multi-user, Multi-currency, Multi-counter & Multi-outlets.

(vi) Security Enabled

Billing staff with limited permissions – such as Billing only, No-bill change, Stock management only etc

(viii) Printing

Printing in DOS, Windows, .Pdf formats supporting Dot Matrix, Laser, Thermal and Barcode printers.

(ix) Barcodes

Barcode Reading, Barcode Label printing etc

(xi) Arabic

Bill printing in English & Arabic or any other Languages

(x) Customers

Customers, Suppliers, Accounts & Cheque Collections etc

(xii) Daily Report

Receipt/Payments, Incomes/Expenses, Daily Transactions, GP Reports Etc.