Gas Agency Billing, Stock & Cylinder Management System

(i) Billing

[Retail/Wholesale], Estimates

(iii) Stock position

Opening Stock, Purchases, Sales, Sales/Purchases Returns & Stock Management

(ii) Stock Purchases

Inward Stock, Payment to Supplier, Supplier's Cylinder etc

(iv) Cylinder Tracking

Company Cylinder, Supplier/Customer Cylinder, Cylinder Number, Pending List, Cylinder Status etc

(v) Re-order Level

Taxes Report, Re-order Level alert, Discount Sales etc

(vii) Multi-user

Multi-user, Multi-currency, Multi-counter & Multi-outlets.

(vi) Security Enabled

Billing staff with limited permissions – such as Billing only, No-bill change, Stock management only etc

(viii) Customers

Customers, Suppliers, Ledger & Cheque Collections etc

(ix) Daily Report

Receipt/Payments, Incomes/Expenses, Daily Transactions, GP Reports Etc.