Hospital Management System [HMS]


Electronic Medical Records [EMR]

I. Registration

In this entry point of the Patient into the Hospital, Read More..

III. EMR [IP Section]

All EMR sections for OP, PLUS following additionl sections Read More..

II. EMR [OP Section]

EMR for OP Room is the heart of the System. So divided into Subsections Read More..

IV. Pharmacy

Billing & Stock System, Separate counters for OP & IP, Prescription to Sale Bill Read More...

V. Laboratory

Single Test & Group Test, Separate counters for OP & IP, Sending Test Results as SMS/Email Etc.

VII. Rooms, Admission [IP]

Manages Vacant Rooms, Room Category, Room Status such as Under Read More..

VI. Radiology

X-Ray, ECG, Echo etc Tests, Observations and Remarks, all attached to EMR, Test Results as SMS/Email.

VIII. Operation Theatre & Anesthesia

Anesthesia, Surgery Notes, Assistance, Read More..