(i) Work Order

Work Order for New Work. A New Projec, the Men & Machinery of the comapny is gearing up for the New Work

(iii) Job Assignment

Part of Work [Job] assigned to various Work Teams within the company

(ii) Local Permits

Plan Approval, Electicity, Water Supply/Disposal etc

(iv) Sub Contrators

Part of Work [Job] assigned to various Sub Contractors by the company.

(v) Inventory Management

Material Purchases, Issue, Return/Receipt & Stock Management

(vii) Work in Progress

Set different stages of Work in Percentage. Payment eligibility to Sub-contractors

(vi) Work Evaluation

Work Evaluation/Monitoring by Technical Experts.

(viii) Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Teams's Evaluation, Approval.

(ix) Work Finish

Work Finished, Work Order Closing, Payment Approvals

(xi) Asset Management

Management of assets such as Vehicle, JCB, Porklift, Generator, Water Pump etc

(x) Payments, Adjustments

Final Payments, Adjustments to Sub-contractors, Suppliers, Customer etc

(xii) Expiry of Document

Expiry Dates of Insurance, Fitness, Roadtax etc of Vehicles.

(xiii) Asset In-Charge

Manage in-charge/custodian of assets, and charge handover

(xv) Asset Disposal

Disposal of unusable Assets, new Asset procurment etc


Calculate depreciation of Assets at the end of Fin Year, and refix Asset Value

(xvi) Daily Report

Receipt/Payments, Incomes/Expenses, Daily Transactions Reports Etc.