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Job-oriented Professional Training in VB.Net, C#.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, SQL Server, Oracle, MySql Courses Plus participation in Live Projects for one/two months. Professional Training given to Graduates in Computer Science or experieced Programmers only.  Academic Training given through courses in C, C++, Java, Net Beans, Android, Qt etc for Under-Gradutes in Compuer Science and above students.   Special Training given in Website Design & Development, Web Application Design & Development using Web Technologies.

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From Hospital Management System


Registration Section[OP/IP]

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In this entry point of the Patient into the Hospital, the patient is given

A UNIQUE MEDICAL RECORD NUMBER [M/R No], which is automatically generated. Using this M/R No. Patient is tracked, even after years.

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Electronic Medical Records [EMR][OP-Section]

EMR for the Consulting Room is the heart of the application.

It is very large and elaborate, so divided into many sub sections, such as Complaint, Medical History, Clinical Findings, Provisional Diagnosis etc

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Electronic Medical Records [EMR][IP-Section]

Apart from the EMR sections attached to OP, IP is attached

the following additional sections. So, before, procedding, read OP sections carefully for better understanding the IP module.

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